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Amazon Household Essentials

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Over the years I have gone through trail and error with an assortment of household items with the hope that they will make daily life easier. Something that saves me 5 minutes is a lifetime in my world when you have a hangry toddler.

All these items I have tested immensely for you to make sure they are the best of the best. You may ask were there fails, yes there were many fails and many returns back to Amazon. These I can say with complete certainty they are WORTH. EVERY. PENNY!

So here we go...

THIS MOP! I have gone through so many differently floor cleaner (Swiffer Mop, the sweeper, 2 types of steam mops etc.) I found this mop two years back, I was blown away how well the micro fiber head worked and how easy this thing is to use and clean. The mop stick collapses for easy storage too! Did I mention I have 3 dogs and cat and a toddler??? I use this mop weekly and trust me when I say it works. Click here for the link!

FOLEX IS LIFE!!! Literally removes any and all stains from EVERYTHING! You need a bottle... or two. Just trust me, it is life changing! Click here for link!

Did I mention I have 3 dogs and a cat?... and a toddler. But she doesn't shed like the animals. We used to buy the Costco pack of rollers just so we didn't look like crazy cat people when we left the house. This little gem is completely reusable no refill. It uses a red fabic and a rubber skimmer to collect the hair that you just unload from a compartment on the handle. Genius. If you have an animal or a very hairy toddler/husband, you need this! Click here for the link!

This little thing is less than $5 dollars and is the coolest tool in my kitchen. It breaks up meat so easily and helps cook it faster and more evenly. I had seen this before and brushed it off but once I tried it, I understood the hype. Just try it, you will not be disappointed. Click here for the link!

I am kind of mad at myself that I didn't invent this myself! It clips on to whatever pot you are boiling the pasta in and you just drain. It's silicone so it cleans easily and doesn't hold bacteria and takes up less room! For less than $10 bucks it's a must. Click here for the link!

I hate chopping onions with a passion. I would look for recipes only without onions. Then I found this guy! AMAZING. I will say you can't do a whole onion at a time. Put about a quarter of an onion that has already been roughly chopped and then this guy will chop it up so fine! Click here for the link!

I love OXO containers! This is the exact one I keep my flour in and I will never be without it. The pop lock is so secure and keeps things fresh. BONUS makes me feel organized :). Click here for the link!

I keep Olivia's snacks in this size I have two of them one salty (goldfish or pretzels crackers), one sweet (animal crackers or teddy grams). Click here for the link!

These container make my fruit 7 days longer than they usually would! They have a tray at the bottom and a ventilation vent at the top to help air flow. I swear by them. Click here for the link!

These little guys are so cool. They go over halves of fruit but it also can go over cans and jars! They are silicone so easy to clean and they don't hold bacteria. The biggest selling point for me is it kept my avocados or apples from turning brown, mind blown! Click here for the link!

Lemon squeezers are LIFE! I love mine I use it everyday. It's obviously not just for lemons! Here is the one I have... Click here for the link!

A can open might not be anything special, but this one works and it lasts! I can't tell you how many I have purchased over the last 15 years, I bought this one 6 years ago... and it still looks and works perfectly. AND they have the cutest colors :). Only $12.99! Click here for the link!

I don't have to tell you why kitchen scissors are necessary, but I always have a pair of these around! They are great for cutting up toddler food! Click here for the link!

These were livi's first set of REAL FORKS (I'm not crying, you're crying). They are sturdy and easy to clean. The color is very modern and gender neutral, because you never know what the next baby will be, am I right? I have nothing but good things to say especially that the entire set cost only $5! Click here for the link!

SUCTION PLATES FOR THE WIN! My lovely daughter is in the "I'm going to throw everything because I think its funny" phase. I've tried other plates but they always lose suction from the heat when I wash them. These have stayed true through a power wash on our dishwasher. Made of silicone so it doesn't hold bacteria these are awesome! Click here for the link!

I saved the best for last, I LOVE these bibs and they have the cutest sayings! Again silicone so it doesn't hold bacteria and a breeze to clean. The best part, the little scoop end that catches food. I don't need to tell you why that is a HUGE plus. If you know, you know. Click here for the link!

I get so excited to share things I love with you because I've done the research so you don't have to and I know the value in that. I hope you find even one little gem out of this haul that makes your daily life just a little easier!

Thanks for reading.



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