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Father's Day Gift Guide

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Father's Day is coming up and I put together a gift guide with 13 items my husband and I have reviewed and I have received his (and my) stamp of approval! Father's play such an important role in the lives of our kids. Even after a 12 hour work day Benny is always ready to play whether it be a tea party, peek a boo, or playing chase. They are there to help us mama's when we need them most. That 3 am wake up call from the babes after you've finally fallen asleep after rocking them to sleep for 2 hours. When they do the dishes or fold the towels without being asked. Just as simple of saying lets order pizza for dinner! Thank YOU a night off from cooking! AMEN!

Father's help raise our daughters to love and respect themselves. Show them how they should be treated by their future partners. Father's mentor our son's on what it really means to be a strong humble man and how to treat a lady with respect. They do so much and rarely get any of the credit. Women do give birth, so we have that going for us, that kind of gives us a leg up! But, there is always a man behind the women supporting and loving us through all the phases of parenthood!

Hard working Father's deserve a little love too!

#1 Abercrombie Tee - I love these tees they are great quality and come in great colors that are complimentary to multiple looks! TTS, if between sizes go up! Click here for the link!

#2 Abercrombie Shorts - These are so comfy and remind me of mens Lululemon shorts but much more affordable! TTS Click here for the link!

#3 Abercrombie Jeans - My husband loves a mix between skinny and straight leg jeans that are slightly stretchy these are them. Don't let the word skinny scare you they are loose enough but more fitted than a true straight leg! I love the washes and ALWAYS buy on sale, if they aren't wait and keep them in your cart they will go on sale at some point! They last forever and are TTS. Click here for the link!

#4 Personalized Yeti - I love my Yeti, I have three, and I have one with me 100% of the time! I have one that is personalized and it's my "special" one! How cute to put his name or nickname something that reminds him he is special! Click here for link!

#5 Quay Sunglasses - This is the style he likes but there are so many options! These glasses are affordable but great quality and a couple steps up from your average pair of Amazon sunnies. Make sure to get the polarized version! Click here for the link!

#6 Tactical Diaper Bag - I mean what dad would not like this?? So cool this company has thought of dudes when it comes to child care. Click here for link!

#7 Electric Laser Level - THIS WAS THE GIFT! Benny (my husband) was MOST excited about! All I know is it makes putting up my gallery wall a breeze. Click here for the link!

#8 Hooray Hero Book - So Benny got me this for Mothers Day and I bawled the entire way through! I don't know how they do it, I promise you will get happy tears! They are personalized to your family - Click here for the link!

#9 Beard King - This I have heard this thing saves marriages! If you are tired of seeing those little beard hairs all over your bathroom sink, and your husband is tired of hearing you nag about it. This is the gift for you! Click here for the link!

#10 Magnetic Wristband - I can't tell you how many times I've stood next to my husband and held screws or came into the room and saw him on his hands and knees searching for the screw that dropped. Enter this magnetic wristband that holds all the screws you could imagine. Click here for the link!

#11 Tactical Pen - This reminds me of James Bond mixed with Rambo type deal! Bad ass is appropriate. This pen is for self-defense, it breaks windows, has an LED flash light, and is a bottle opener, because you always need a bottle opener! Click here for the link!

#12 Tongue Scraper - I've shared this before and had to add it to this gift guide. It's too good! I'm telling you it is life changing and it comes with two one for the hubs and one for the wifey! Click here for the link!

#13 All in One Charging Station - Do you have a tech savvy dad or husband? LOVES Apple products? This is the gift... It charges his iphone, ipods and apple watch all in one. His nightstand will look clean and sleek with this organizing gadget! (This is what I got my Dad!) Click here for the link!

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