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Livi's Birthday Newborn to Toddler Gift Guide

In honor of Livi's birthday month, I put together a newborn to toddler gift guide. I can't believe it's already been two years since this little lady graced our family with her presence. Looking back at what I bought and what she actually used was a humous list of trial and error.

For babies, Kyte onesies and zip up footie PJ's are AMAZING! They are so soft and comfortable helping baby regulate temperature, not too hot but not too cold. Neutral colors, because who knows what gender we will have in the future and I would like to get the most use out of the items I purchase.

The Snuggle Me Organic lounger is something I am very excited about this time around for the new baby. The reviews are amazing and it will be great for naps and when I am playing with livi but need to have a close eye on our newborn.

Ryan and Rose Cutie PAT Pacifier are by far my favorite, the colors and style are beyond cute. To be honest livi hated binky's until just recently but these are the favorites.

Last thing regarding babies, EVERYTHING MUSLIN, I love muslin bedding, swaddles, burp clothes etc. I linked up the burp cloths I swear by because we went through so many on the daily. Muslin is the most absorbent but easiest to get stains out. I feel like every new mom needs a stockpile! The bedding can come later when they are sleeping in the crib.

Now that we mentioned swaddles, I would like to say one thing. If you are a new mama, to-be mama, or shopping for one don't bother with the swaddle. You maybe need 3 tops, in my opinion. Not every baby likes to be swaddled. We had close to 20 swaddles from my baby shower never used them. What worked better was the Nested Bean Weighted Sleep Sack and they also have a swaddle version. If I can help one mama from getting overloaded with unneeded swaddles, this will all have been worth it! LOL

For toddler toys, I try to stick to basic items that cause cognitive development in some shape or form. Their brains are developing at such a fast rate at this age, I don't want to waste time with mundane junk.

Even as simple as a set that emulates something in "real life" take for example the mock make-up set. She's using dexterity to pick up and dip and brush on her face. Cognitive linear process by knowing I need to dip before I brush. I actually picked up the modern wood make-up set part of Liv's gift! So simple and comes with a pouch to keep everything together and organized.

That's another thing that is important! I like toys that have a self organizing component. The boys wood toy tool stand is a perfect example. Everything has a place or at least a tray at the bottom where you can throw all the random pieces. Making "clean up time" much easier to demonstrate and for them to pick up when you have a repetitive process of where particular toys go.

Last thing i'll say about toddlers, well two things. Good walking shoes. SO important they don't slip off or are too easy for them to pull off! I linked velcro sneakers that are great and match everything! Secondly, size up 1 in all clothes. I'm still getting use out of clothes I bought livi last year because I did so. The dress might be a shirt now but it still works!

Happy Shopping!

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