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Morning Skin Routine

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Hi There!

Lets talk beauty products... one my favorite topics. :)

I am going to break this down and just focus on my morning routine.

First and foremost I wash my face with the Tula level 3 acne line. I have break outs, like cystic acne break outs in my 30s. It's a nightmare. So I had to get smart about my skin care and balance acne with anti-aging. I also had to find products that I could use while pregnant and breastfeeding, so all of these products have been okay'ed by my doctor. However, ALWAYS check with your doctor before trying something new in your skin routine!

Here is a list of the items I use each morning in order!

The Tula set... keep in mind I have combination acne prone skin. If you have less break outs, or dry, or oily etc. Tula has so many product combinations to fit any type of skin. Click here to take their skin quiz.

With Tula, I noticed immediately that my skin just felt cleaner but nourished. Something that was almost impossible when you are trying to dry out blemishes. The face wash smells like tea tree oil and foams up, getting every pore clean. The tone corrector fades past acne spots and evens my skin tone, while treating any current blemishes. Lastly, the "breakout star" moisturizer really works for my skin! I have noticed a huge change my breaks outs are far less and don't stay nearly as long. Click here for the link!

Next is sunscreen - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE what ever sunscreen you use make sure it has zinc oxide it in it will save your skin! Here is one that has been advised by dermatologists to me it AMAZING and on Amazon. Click here for the Link!

My sunshine drops! I actually mix this with the sunscreen (instructions say mix with moisturizer but I just use my sunscreen). This stuff has AMAZING skin benefits and anti-pollution properties. It gives you a sun-kissed glow but it's not a self-tanner and washes off at night! Click here for the link!

I love this eye cream, it's thick and creamy super hydrating, vitamin C brightens dark circle and the collagen helps with elasticity around the delicate eye area! I wear it morning and night! Click here for the link!

Tula Eye Balm! I love this stuff! MAMAS THIS WAS MADE FOR US! I put it on every morning after my eye cream, it cools and de-puffs while leaving a subtle glow. The also have a rose formulation! Click here for the link!

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