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My Self-tanning Routine!

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Hello Friends!

I'm so excited to share my tanning routine with you - first off my favorite tanning mousse is on SALE! Secondly, I have tried EVERYTHING ON THE PLANET for self-tanning. Protecting my skin health and staying out of the sun is SO important to me after my dad was diagnosed with melanoma cancer. Thank goodness they were able to remove it and he is cancer free! I will take one moment to say please please please go see a skin doctor and have your skin checked for irregularities you never know and catching little issues early can be life saving!

However, I have vivid memories of me in my teens slapping on BABY OIL and sitting outside to bake in the sun for that amazing golden glow. I also am embarrassed to say that I went to one too many tanning salons in my day.

I loved being tan but after my dads situation, my skin health was way more important! Now being in my thirty's I'm concerned with anti-aging and staying out of the sun to avoid pre-mature aging signs. UGH!

This was around the time self-tanning was just starting to gain popularity! I went full force trying product after product. I found I liked the colored mousse the best because you can literally see where you are putting it so you don't miss spots. I also learned how to "prep" my skin. That really is the most important part!

#1 SHAVE - Start by shaving, I found the best shave with my billie razor and shave cream! It's ideal and I don't have to shave again for a few days, extending my tan. billie has a great subscription program the starter kit is only $9 and the shave cream is $8 but they send you 4 new razors monthly so you never have a dull blade! Click here for the link to my billie razor and billie shave cream.

#2 EXFOLIATION MITTS -Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! This is so important because you want to get all the dead skin off that the tanning solution could stick to. Thats why knees elbows and feet look orange is because these are areas that have built up dead skin (gross). Exfoliate your whole body but focus some extra time on your elbows, wrists, hands, knees, and ankles. I found these mitts on Amazon and they are THE BEST! Only $7.50 for 3 click here for the link!

#3 LOTION - This is probably the second most important step, moisturize those spots that you just exfoliated (elbows, wrists, hands, knees, and ankles). This is by far my favorite lotion my skin feels amazing after and stays moisturized longer. It also helps with scars and stretch marks! AND its only $5! Click here for the link!

#4 TANNING MOUSSE and MITT - This is the fun part! You are going to put you mitt on your dominate hand pump two full pumps and start on you shin and calves working your way up the leg. If you need an extra pump for the thigh - go for it! Lightly pass over your feet and knees with excess product. Do the same for the other leg. Put two more pumps on your mitt and apply to your mid section (another pump if needed). Two pumps per arm lightly going over your elbow and tops of your hands. Last pump you are going to put on your chest, shoulders and up your neck. Since this is a colored mousse you will be able to see where you put product. Spot check and make sure everything looks even. Get all up in there with your bathroom mirror this is your time to fix anything add a little more color or buff any extra product out - don't be shy!

This is a 2 hour express mousse so you only have to leave it on for the 2 hours then wash off! I do this 1x a week. I use the color dark but if you are new to self-tanning I would try medium first!

Ulta is having a deal till May 10th when you buy the mousse you get a free mitt ($15 value) also they are doing free shipping and if you use the code:826785 at check out you get $3.50 off!

Click here for the medium color!

Click here for the Dark color!

#5 FACE TANNING DROPS - Isle of Paradise face tanning drops are life!! I love them, they work well give me great color like I just came back from Hawaii and they do not break me out! They also contain skin benefiting elements like vitamin C, avocado oil, eucalyptus oil, and coconut oil!I Mix 2 drops with my moisturizer at night and sleep with it on and wash it off in the morning. Wash your hands immediately after. I do this about every three days! I use the color medium. The great thing about the drops is you can do less or more its very customizable. I've also added drops to my daily body lotion to extend my tan! Click here for the link!

#6 EVERYDAY TINTED LOTION - This is a gradual self-tanner that builds the more days in a row you wear it. It also blurs any imperfections (can I get an AMEN!). I use this about 2-3 days after I apply the LovingTan mousse to extend the life of my tan and anytime I need a little extra color. It does not smell! It does not stain my clothes! Its amazing! Click here for the link!

So thats it, thats the whole shabang! It might seem overwhelming at first but I promise this is the best way I have found to get great color without the mess and stress of looking like an oompa-lumpa lol AND staying out of the sun!

Thanks for reading!



The Suburban Mama

*All of these opinions expressed are my own and I am not liable for incidental or consequential damages.

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