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Nightly Skincare Routine

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Does anyone else do their "nightly routine" at 4pm just because it feels so good to take off the make-up, let my skin breathe and give it a little extra care and attention? This was me prior to a toddler, now I'm lucky to get everyone fed and bathed by 6pm and ready for 7:30 bedtime. 8pm rolls around and that's MY TIME! (see my full blog post about my morning routine because there are some repeats like the eye cream and tula set). I had to find products that I could use while pregnant and breastfeeding, so all of these products have been okay'ed by my doctor. However, ALWAYS check with your doctor before trying something new in your skin routine!

Here is the list of products I use nightly (some just a few days a weeks) in order.

These microfiber cloths are so awesome! You just need water and it removes all your make-up, genius! I used to be die hard baby wipe user and it became such a waste of money. These I just throw in with my other towels to clean! Click here for the link!

SO heres the deal, at night I double cleanse! It's the only way I have found to really deep clean my skin and get every pore cleaned. This glycolic acid cleanser is GOLD! 10% Glycolic Acid- AHA for wrinkles and Lines reduction-acne face wash for a deep clean! Contains organic extracts such as bamboo, shea butter, and tea tree. So good for Cystic Acne! Click here for the link!

The Tula set same one I used in the Morning I also do at night... keep in mind I have combination acne prone skin. If you have less break outs, or dry, or oily etc. Tula has so many product combinations to fit any type of skin. Click here to take their skin quiz.

With Tula, I noticed immediately that my skin just felt cleaner but nourished. Something that was almost impossible when you are trying to dry out blemishes. The face wash smells like tea tree oil and foams up, getting every pore clean. The tone corrector fades past acne spots and evens my skin tone, while treating any current blemishes. Lastly, the "breakout star" moisturizer really works for my skin! I have noticed a huge change my breaks outs are far less and don't stay nearly as long. Click here for the link!

THIS! Has completely changed the texture of my skin healed and faded passed acne scars while helping to keep my cystic acne at bay. 100% recommend this product no matter what your skin type. (I actually mix a few drops with my Tula moisturizer). Click here for the link!

I love this eye cream, it's thick and creamy super hydrating, vitamin C brightens dark circle and the collagen helps with elasticity around the delicate eye area! I wear it morning and night! Click here for the link!

Ever wonder why guys age so well? BECAUSE THEY SHAVE THEIR FACE! They sluff (thats a word right?) all the dead skin off regularly or derma-plane. Not only does it exfoliate your face it gets all the peach fuzz and little mustache hairs. It's fine we are friends here, we all have the mustache hairs. The biggest misconception is when you shave your face it grows back darker and thicker. UNTRUE! I have been using face razors for about 8 years, I am here to tell you that it is untrue. I don't do this everyday maybe once a week before I apply the next two products (or any mask). TIP: from a aesthetician - ALWAYS SHAVE UP THE FACE. This product is great, affordable, and on prime. Only $5 dollars! Click here for the link!

THIS SERUM IS LIFE! I got it a few weeks ago from the Sephora sale. It's on the pricer sign but I saw it as an investment in my skin. I apply it 3 times a week at night and leave it on all night. It is a resurfacer, it legit got rid of all the little bumps that I've had for years along my jaw line. I had a deeper scar from cystic acne on my cheek that was a pocket it is now even skin with just a mark that is fading. I was blown away the change I saw in only a few weeks. Click here for the link!

This guys is under $10 and is legit. It is a mask so you can only leave it on for 10 min and then wash off, this product I usually use after I shave my face or derma-plane with the Tinkle razors once a week! My skin feels smooth and rejuvenated. I will use the facial vitamin-e oil after this for extra hydration. Click here for the link!

Here is my holy grail moisture overnight mask! I grew up wearing everything Clinique and when my cystic acne was at its worse moisture surge daily moisturizer was the only product that would not make me break out. Twice a week I now use this overnight mask to give my skin a deep moisture therapy. Click here for the link!

I hope this helps narrow the list of all the products out there! Let me know what you think on my instagram post and what your favorite nightly routine products are! I'd love to hear!

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