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Sephora Sale!

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

I love this sale, when it's good it's good! Rouge you get 20% VIB status you get 15% off if you are a beauty insider you get 10% off that just a sign up with a simple email! Click here if you have any questions on how the sale works.

A lot of these items rarely go on sale so this is your chance to pick something up you've had your eye on. I wanted to put together quick list of items I have and love and a few i'm am trying out from the sale! Items range from make-up to hair to skin-care! Enjoy! :)

This is not a conditioner it's a bonding agent. It saved my hair when I decided to go blonde, brown then back to blonde in less than 4 months! Such a great product! Click here for the link!

This is my contour palette, it has so many uses; setting powder, contour, bronzer, eyeshadow, brow color... It's the best, the colors are super pigmented and it lasts all day and does not break me out! Plus its vegan! Click here for the link!

This is my only eyeshadow palette, once I got it I got rid of all my other palettes because I didn't need them I can do everything with this... less is more! The colors are rich and versatile they last all day and don't crease. Click here for the link!

100% honest I have not tried this product, but I know many who have who love shape tape but it was too drying for them so they use this one! Click here for the link!

This one I do have and I love it when my skin is feeling dry! It has anti-aging serum infused in it and it's waterproof, like shape tape this stuff does not budge! I wear color light honey. Click here for link!

I used to have eyelash extensions until this whole quarantine thing happened! (who saw that coming??) I started using this lash primer and noticed a huge difference not only is it making my lashes stronger it helps the mascara stay in place and look fuller! Click here for link!

I have tried SO MANY FOUNDATIONS. I'm embarrassed at how many honestly. This one is the best full coverage last all day matte foundation, period! I wear shade desert beige. Click here for link!

Okay ya'll my one splurge item... It is a AHA resurfacing night serum! YAY for being in my 30's! lol I ordered this product and I have not received it but the reviews are insane and I do know some people that say there skin was completely changed by this product, so i'm curious to say the least. I will report back but here is the link if you want to check it out! Click here for the link!

I have been dying to try Too Faced lip injection serum! I saw my opportunity, this set is $16 in cart (with 15% off! I thought they were full size, but they are mini! Still cool though! Click here for link!

The infamous Pillow Talk! I have girls that LOVE this color I have dupes but never bought the real deal! Pick up this travel size set with the lip liner and lip stick for only $25 to try it out! Click here for the link!

Hope you found this helpful and weed through these sales and pick up some goodies that you love!

Thanks for reading.



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