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Toddler Activities!

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

If you are a mama with a toddler you know exactly what I mean when I say "creative block" when it comes to thinking of new activities for your little one. A couple weeks ago I was so consumed with work and feeling the first trimester woes that I just was drawing a blank on fun activities for my little babes. We both needed some creative inspo! SO I asked you guys and researched some ideas and put them together here!

First off is the SENSORY BOX!

My love for these boxes runs deep here are a few pics from the last time we had a little fun outside (while not under heat advisory, UGH AZ summers are brutal) Livi's outfit is from Jamie Kay and I linked it here!

Basic as you can get ... get a box! lol Preferably with a lid. I use it to store all the items I use for different types of sensory boxes (rice, measuring cups, spoons, Kinetic sand, rocks, brushes, paint etc). It's two in one storage and educational play tool! I linked a box similar to mine from target here.

These measuring cups and spoons I use in the sensory box. You can fill the box with SO MANY THINGS! Rice is what we have done in the past but you could do kinetic sand, cheerios, pom poms, ice cubes with water and sliced fruit, or rocks with water and soap for a rock washing station! The measuring cups and spoons help our toddlers use math (without actually knowing fractions). They figure out how to fill and pour, leveling, and measuring, using tactical and fine motor skills so many great benefits of these boxes! Here is the link to this set from Amazon!

Yassss how to make kinetic sand. I will do this one on stories and save to my highlights so you can refer back. But this is so simple and you can pack it up in a ziploc back to reuse over and over.

Essentially It’s 5 parts sand, to 3 parts cornstarch (you can also sub flour for the cornstarch), and 1 part oil. That's it! Mix and mold! I let Livi pick the color and she picked this dusty blue... pretty sure the girls favorite color is blue. Here is a link to the sand I got from Amazon!

Not until Livi was around 20 months did I trust her around paint, girl just wanted to eat it! So if your baby is not ready for this, don't fret they will be soon! This paint was suggested by a friend and it is so easy to clean and very well priced! Only $4.99 for this whole set at Target! Click here for the link!

This is the set of brushes I got with the same from target as well! Click here for the link!

This easel is only $20!! A friend suggested it, It's from Ikea and I am definitely getting one for Livi! I like that it is versatile and she can use chalk, dry erase, and we can tape construction paper to it and she can paint! Click here for the link.

This jumbo roll of construction paper is so useful! We tear off a long piece and use painters tape (linked below) to stick it on the wall so it doesn't mess with the paint on the wall. I will draw lines and have livi put dot stickers along the line or draw large shapes and have her put the corresponding shape stickers in the shape. We also use it for painting activities! Click here for the roll we got from Amazon!

Click here for the blue painters tape we have!

Here is the link to the dot stickers (My love for these stickers run deep!)

Click here for the link to the shape stickers!

This was a suggestion from you guys! Puffy stickers! They look awesome and an array of different types to help build vocabulary. Click here for the link on Amazon!

This again is another suggestion, they are push lights that stick to the wall and are great tools to learn colors! Click here for the Amazon Link!

I saved the best for last, who would have thought glow sticks would have brought they most joy to a toddler! Livi LIT UP literally when we broke these out, and we did a GLOW BATH! So fun! Here is a picture! By far the coolest thing we have done as parents. Click here for the glue sticks we got on Amazon!

I hope you found a little inspo and try some of these toddler activities with your LO! :)

Thanks for reading!



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